An insider shares the top 5 experiences in her favorite towns

As an Award Winning Televison Producer + Creative Director, Nikki has taken her creative talents from the TV screen to the outdoors. Her natural desire to explore her surroundings has taken her on many roads less traveled. These are the back roads leading to spectacular, often unexpected locations off the beaten path - the ones that offer breathtaking views of your surroundings and provide the backdrop for picture perfect moments. Curiosity serves as her only compass - and her quest to find beauty + wonder guide the way. 

As your private guide she shares her favorite places + experiences in the Bay Area - the ones you won't read about in guidebooks. Her private tours + experiences are best described as refinded adventures. 

She shares her ideas of how to spend the perfect day in the Bay Area + the California Wine Country on her popular blog the A California Adventure. Follow her and let her joie-de-vivre inspire you.

When she is not roaming the backroads of Northern California you can find her in her island home on the North Shore of Kauai. Here she leads private island tours and creates luxury picnics at her Lifestyle Travel + Event Company in Hanalei Bay.

Nikki considers herself lucky to be living in postcards!

Nikki’s dream is to produce fine events in and for her local community - and create refined experiences that inspire, build good will and bring people together from all walks of life. Visiting tourists + locals alike.