The White FarmHouse Table

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The white farmhouse table

A taste of the California Wine Country in Sonoma, California 

We create extraordinary culinary expereriences that have a positive impact on the world around us and inspire all of us to live the best life ever ! To us there is nothing more fulfilling than starting the day by picking fresh vegetables, herbs and seasonal fruits from our organic garden. While you are on your way to visit us we will be hand picking the crop of the day. We highly recommend you taking the scenic route thru the valley to our White Farm House Table in Sonoma - for that we have curated a few ideas and pages filled with insider tips. Then in the late afternoon we will be firing up the ovens in our rustic out-door kitchen, picking some fresh garden flowers and finally setting our white farmhouse table just for you. As the sun begins to set behind the rolling hills of Sonoma County - we will be serenading you with music, the sound of sizzling pans and the taste of fine wines - all carefully selected to perfectly pair with the dinner on your plate. And then with the stars above, the abbundance of an organic garden around and your table nestled in the vineyards you will know what living in the California Wine Country is all about.

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We promise that the memories from this evening will linger for a long time and we hope that you will soon return with your family + friends and join us for another dinner at our White Farmhouse Table



Our beautiful tables create the settings for extraordinary dining experiences.  All of our dinners are custom made and exclusively created for you with a seasonal flair, locally sourced products and farm fresh ingredients all harvested just hours before your arrival - and if you choose to join us for the picking - we'd love to have you! 

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The garden is made to wander - and you will find private corners to simply take a moment, enjoy a sip of wine and inhale the Wine Country. There is nothing more satisfying than making new friends over a shared meal - our group size is limited to 10 guests and often our lively conversations mark the beginning of new friendships.